How To Password Protect a Folder in Windows

File Lock Lite is this revolutionary concept in statistic security engineered for your residence or office use. Directory Lock Lite allows your business to Lock and Protect your data, keeping your individual data secured and tucked quietly away at all times in order that that you won’t display to worry about the type of confidentiality of your records data. ‘Locking’ in Folder Locking mechanism refers to the undertaking of protecting your files, folders, drives, and finally programs by putting that you simply protective lock on the whole bunch. With the ‘Lock’ include in place, any file, folder, drive, or a certain EXE program file who you have ‘Locked’, definitely be instantly hidden and simply locked from access and then view.

Folder Lock applies kernel level filtration on the files, folders and makes you lock considering it, keeping your actual data locked with concealed even regarding Safe Mode. By working with its user-friendly style of operation, you might have the package to drag as well as , drop your required pictures, documents or maybe a videos in ‘Lock Files’ to locking them in the particular matter seconds and after that to make curbing your locked registers easier you may well view a contact list of all individuals in one lay. You don’t have to comprise your data’s security at unlocking them being a to view them; all it acquire is a two times click to open them from File Lock while these types of confined in the setting.

Afterwards, achievable simply check out ‘Lock Files’ and enter in the correct pass word to discover and unhide your details. that often be assigned to every item most people add. This application props up drag as well as a drop have got and lockable items all the way through batch mode, both that enhance user friendliness. From the settings panel, obtain activate alternatively deactivate mishap protection, a possibility that signals the application to by itself exit, leave or close down the desktop when it has the idle (user-defined time). As well as to that, you may easily lock everything items on the subject of application exit, change which the passkey, un-install the program, and eliminate the become an expert at key.

To number up, Directory Lock En aning is an expedient piece linked software that allows protect principal data with user-defined security passwords. There were no bugs and it could be crashes professional during the tests, as well as the app can potentially run in the stealth system.